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January 27, 2012


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About Me

☠ I'm Muslim of religion, Egyptian in blood, Arab at tongue, Nazi by heart...
& the No.1 fan of "The Simpsons" in the Middle East!

edit: my Name is not Hebrew, there is a casual name for God they use but mine is is Arabic:

Hashem, from the verb "yohashem" which means "to break down". Hashem was first used as a nickname for Mohamed's great grandfather who was known for being a generous leader of Mecca. there was a short poem to commemorate his action of feeding the poor of Mecca by "Breaking" bread in gravy & meat (an old traditional dish) during famine. the nickname was then taken by his clan to use as their title.

Muslims name their sons with this name especially if they want to show their love to Mohamed's bloodline, not only because of the great grandfather but also the daughter of Ali (cousin of Mohamed) was known as Om-Hashem (mother of Hashem).

Long Live Egypt ☾† تحيا مصر
Copt & Muslims ☾† الأقباط و المسلمون

قال الإمام علي بن الحسين
ليس من العصبية أن يحب الرجل قومه
ولكن من العصبية أن يعين قومه على الظلم

Ali Son Of Hussein (Great Grandson Of Prophet Mohammad) said
it's not a sin to love your people
but it's a sin to help them to be unjust

National Socialism & Islam, Unity through Nobility…

☮ Nazism is NOT Racism!

allegations about fanatic racism of Adolf Hitler, NSDAP & III Reich is just Allies & neo-Nazi mishaps anti-Nazi propaganda.

National Socialism is about taking pride in your own race & nationality + respecting others as much as they respect you!

Being a Nazi is not about being a racist prick who doesn't respect, tolerate, make friends or even fight along side different people & if you don't believe me, look up non-German Wehrmacht & ϟϟ volunteers.

Axis History Factbook: Foreign volunteers…
Foreign Volunteers Of Hitler's Germany…

� what is National Socialism?

Socialism a system where all the major industries are nationalized, which means it is taken out of of private hands & placed under government control. Hitler also implemented a system called "Corporatism", under this system a company is allowed to remain private but the finances are regulated by the state, thus syndicate corporations are formed & profit sharing is instituted. This also cuts down on waste spending, such as advertising, therefore more money can go to the worker & the product. This system also puts an end to lobbying, since the finances are completely under government regulation, a CEO couldn't bribe a lawmaker.

Nationalism is preservation of your race, taking pride in you heritage, nation, language, etc. It is NOT patriotism, many people confuse the two . Patriotism is agreeing with your current governments policies & ideas, nationalism is about heritage & folk. By the way it is NOT racism, it is love of ones own nation, NOT hatred of others. In a nationalist system the well being of the citizens are put first regardless, of class, or occupation. Unity within a nation is MOST important! Furthermore national socialism is for ALL races & nations.

☪ for the wrong reasons

here in the middle east we are "unintentionally" adding to the campaign against Nazism by admiring Hitler for killing the Jews but I'm trying to correct that. Hitler should be admired, not for the holocaust myth, but for his unique nationalistic vision which manifested itself by the alliance between honorable nationalists from almost every place in the world.

UPDATE: there is an instant misconception when some one denies the holocaust, mainly because some fanatics over do it & almost deny WW2 !

I explained this several times but just to make sure I'm posting it here. I don't deny "atrocities" of WW2, I believe there were "concentration camps" where hundreds of thousands died but that is completely different from "death camps" of organized genocide which I believe to be an over blown propaganda stunt or even an evil lie for a certain reason.

Holocaust Denial Videos…

■ my opinion about…

I have my own way of making a FAQ, basically you ask & I reply, actually more like Q&A.

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BlackEvilSkull666 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I used to be fine with leftism, but now I understand that leftist elements are a complete fallacy. They claim to have more freedom, but instead everyone is their own dictator. Communism is way more authoritarian than Fascism and Nazism. Under Fascism, government and people hold the power and promote private property. Under Communism, the government claims that everything is "public", but everything is actually hoarded by the government. I am a pure white conservative Fascist, but I try to get along with most people. I am unable to get along with communists, liberals, and Zionists. Yesterday, I faved something made by a Zionist, and I was unaware that they were a Zionist. They were being stupid and they said that they won't accept me cause I support their enemies. They also claimed that Muslims were the true terrorists. That person makes me hate Zionists and Israelites even more. I have met around 7 Zionists online, and they were all immature assholes that got offended way too easily. I get along with any Jews who are against Zionism and Israel. There are many Jewish people who hate Israel for terrorism and hypocrisy. If someone is Jewish and they hate Israel, I would become best friends with them just like anyone who supports and respects me. I don't care for Jewish culture, but I like the faction of anti-Zionist Jews. I absolutely DESPISE the Jewish faction that is pro-Zionist. I became a conservative Fascist and sort of a Nazi when Obama threatened our second amendment rights. He wants to ban our semi-automatic rifles and gun clips that hold over 8 rounds. Me and my dad LOVE our guns and our constitution, so we are conservatives. I love my culture and my race. I hate these mexican and central-american illegal immigrants who are invading my country. I love Fascism and Nazism for white nationalism, conservatism, anti-communism, anti-liberalism, anti-anarchism, strict immigration policies, the swastika, the items, the ideology, Hitler, Mussolini, and the artistic influence. I am so glad that I am a right-wing extremist. For my economic ideology, I like capitalism, corporatism, and syndicalism. I do not know exactly what "socialism" is, but National Socialism opposes modern socialism. You are a very smart person, I am glad to have allies like you. I have a few more friends on here who are Muslim, and they don't promote the terrorist faction. There are many Neo-Nazis that disgust me, they act extremely hateful and racist, and in return, they generate more hatred for Nazism. Those "Neo-Nazis" are disgracing Nazism, IMO they aren't true Nazis. They are just a bunch of moronic skinheads who believe every single lie about Nazism. I am going to use some of your button icons under my stamp collection. Heil Hitler, Heil Reich, and long live the Swastika brother. Amen to that.
Magwebster Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
1. Do you have any plans to recruit more NS in Egypt and try to form some kind of party?

2. Your opinion on the situation in Mali?

3. How did you discover National Socialism and His Struggle?
OffizierHashem Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
1. well, Egypt, like the rest of the world, is stuck in the "Status Quo" era. after 7 decades of false leaderships, broken promises, cold war & Western-sponsored capitalist-democracy triumph over Communism (because Communism collapsed on its own) people became too skeptic, too cynical, making it almost impossible to give room for any genuine radical political group to rise. the ordinary people want to maintain the Status quo that enslaves them!

+ the "scheme" implemented since 1945 is aimed to stop the rise of a true leader & discrediting anyone who is going to become one or already is.

I rarely talk to people but in every time I do I find myself bringing National Socialism to the conversation, comparing how things NS advocated & practiced SUCCESSFULLY in contrast to the ongoing failures of Capitalism, Democracy, Liberalism, Religious fundamentalist & before it Communism.

I never had any of these conversations without getting almost complete approval on the points I'm making. I won't go as far as saying I'm starting a movement, it's difficult times like I said, the set is not perfect for a leader or a real ideology to appear now.

2. Mali: a war for resources & access to West Africa, no more no less. [link]
because if the Frenchies really wanted to save people & spread democracy why didn't they go to war in Syria after all the stuff we hear from there?!

3. I wrote this a while back when someone asked me why I don't start NS movement (this will answer you & explain my first answer even more):

me start a movement?! it needs more than mere belief in an ideology, it needs a leader. I'm a footsoldier at best.

regardless, we live in the worst times in history, the twilight zone era... & the powers that be made sure to break the human spirit up to the point making people who desperately need a new beginning to STOP all attempts for it to maintain the Status Quo.

one time an apolitical co-worker asked me about the situation of Egyptian politics & how I see the parties on the scene. he knew about my NS ideology & we discussed it before. I explained how all this is just chaos & none of it is for the good of Egypt. he replied in a spontaneous manner "where are we going to find a Hitler?!"

he put it so simple. I've been asked before why people who posses both nationalism & socialism don't organize themselves into a powerful movement. I think my co-worker's reply says it all. without a TRUE leader it's all futile & like I said, the powers that be ensured that everyone gets so cynical & skeptical so they won't even let a real leader emerge from the masses.

as for my coming to NS, well, it all started with my father buying a Mercedes Benz in the early '90s
we adored that car (& I had a dream about it last night). every time I saw it I thought about the Germany & how they are perfectionist workers. made me always like the word "Alemania" (Arabic for Germany).

by the late '90s we got a Satellite-TV & I immediately fell in love with war documentaries. when I saw the German might I was stunned. add to that we here indulge ourselves that Hitler attempted to annihilate one of our greatest religious/national enemies, the Jews. of course back then I didn't have internet & didn't hear about revisionism. I also didn't see the grave mistake of adding to the myth of the Holocaust by admiring it.

I didn't have a constant internet access til 2006 so all the stuff I knew was fragmented information with no solid political ideology. prior to 2006 I had some friends who were German-football fanatics, one night we talking about Germany I started talking about Hitler, turns out they all were fascinated by him & actually had read Mein Kampf. I went & bought it & since then I was the die-hard-Nazi of that group. they were mere admirers but I was the real deal & they always made me feel special for being like that.

after I finished reading it, the guy who recommended it asked me "so, do you think the Race issue Hitler spoke of is the aim of it all?" I said no, it was a method to define who is German to exclude the internal enemies of Germany from the greater German nation. my friend was stunned by that & he liked my interpretation.

internet era started for me later & when I found about the foreign volunteers in Axis powers it all made sense to me. I found out that almost every nationality, every race, wanted to fight along side of Hitler. my own friends didn't believe their eyes when seeing the material I gathered about these volunteers because "it doesn't add up" to the white-supremacy presentation that usually used to portray Nazi Germany.

then it became clear to me, Historical facts are being omitted & deleted for a reason, certain aspects get all the attention like the holocaust while small insignificant reference about non-German non-Italian fighters may appear from time to time & in the context of "they were evil too".
not to mention I saw how he fought FIERCELY other whites.

now I can download my own documentaries & do my own research, I re-read Mein Kampf & get what Hitler says even more. you say Hitler spoke clearly about "Whites" while I see he talked about "Germans".

Hitler advocated "Deutschland uber alles" not "Whites uber alles", he did indulge himself describing "Germanic" influence in other white nations in order to glorify his own people. as a nationalist I could relate to that. Egyptians always indulge themselves about our cultural & technical influence in other neighboring nations. that doesn't mean we glorify them. in fact we like to think we are superior to them in every way.
we still here make jokes of the oil-gulf-nations, the Arab ones not Iran. we think everyone is beneath us here & the only cause they even emerged is the oil money & the alliances with greater powers, not because of their qualities.

of course Egypt reign over the region declined significantly after the '70s when Sadat instituted "open market" policies, it all went to hell after that.

a Saudi prince once told a story in an interview on Al-Jazeera, few years ago, about a dispute between him & his "royal" family in the '60s, he escaped to Lebanon (a country well known for being a Saudi-resort). the Lebanese port-officials there knew that he was Saudi-royal-reject & made it clear he is not welcome. he says he changed his course to Egypt (during Nasser's era) & Egypt gave him an Egyptian passport (Egyptian attempt to fuel internal Saudi problems). he says he went back to Lebanon, the port-officials saw him & were going to give him the same treatment as before. he says "I took out the Egyptian passport, the officers STOOD UP!" (a sign of respect/fear/awe) to the Egyptian identity. the Saudi prince says in the interview "that is how much people thought of Egypt"... the anchor doing that interview asked "what about now?". the prince replied "no, not anymore!"

this is how my nationality was like one time.
that is why I wish Nationalism should rule Egypt once again.

of course I have no delusions about my country current status, Egyptians lost their way & it will take generations and/or a great catastrophe like great war or great depression. meanwhile I'm getting older by the minute & I can't wait for that. so I want to join the Army, the last nationalistic body in Egypt. although that means I'll be less free for the rest of my life but that is fine by me. personally I want to shut off my brain, follow orders because over-thinking it is going to kill me.
kfirpanther3 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
As a National Socialist, what is your opinion on the Strasserism?
OffizierHashem Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
I think it's a communistic mutation by some of more left wing elements in NSDAP, they oppose the idea of Leadership in favor of of commodities & advocate class struggle instead of class unity.
OffizierHashem Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
* of committees
Nekonuit Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I have one quick question, why is it that you don't believe in the myth of holocaust?

and I don't know about you but to me, the fact that nationalism is about ''preservation of your race, taking pride in you heritage, nation, language, etc.'' where I live, in Nicaragua, because people take pride of a nation, they want to screw up Costa Rica, apart any conflics they had, that creates hate. Even thought they're all mixed and little. But that's just me.
OffizierHashem Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
to answer your first question: [link]
to answer your second question: visit
PlagueJester Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
I am, again, reading this. And I just read the article on National Socialism and Islam. In it, they quote David Myatt. David Myatt is one of the founders of the Order of Nine Angles, and an absolute fucking madman. If you read his work he wrote for the ONA, it becomes clear that he's insane.

Also, while the site claims he's a National Socialist, he's also a white man that adopted Islam (a religion that is, while quite similar to Christianity and certainly noble, alien to our blood) and preached the destruction of his own race: “The downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, the destruction of their nation-States, of The West itself, is something not only to be desired, but also striven toward by all practical means.”

More evidence that is NOT a National Socialist website.
OffizierHashem Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
I've seen stuff written by David Myatt & saw his page.

here is the source for all the flaws you found in that website, it's a leaderless attempt with a lot of individualist contributions. it is not a solid well-defined party with military hierarchy & special branches. I noticed also a BIG problem with the platform, they "recruit" on bases of "first to show up gets the job" because the lack of individuals to cover special subjects or areas. for example they asked my to be their "guy" in Egypt because they virtually never been approached by an Egyptian (that was almost a year ago). I didn't do that because I have a special condition, I can't be connected to a foreign organization because of my coming military service. my best guess is they had an open position for someone to "connect" Islam & National Socialism & David was the first to show up. I already told you about how their views of Islam had major flaws on their page considering the religion nature itself.

as for David himself, I was put off immediately when I read his support to Qaeda & it's terrorist attacks which is completely incompatible with both NS & Islam, supporting a foreigner against his land is a big No-No, not to mention that foreigner is a criminal who would slaughter him if they got the chance.

to get back again to the idea of a "leaderless" movement. that is the major problem over there & it won't change any soon because, well, it's an internet-based movement with no definable borders. anyone can join for just sharing basic ideas then influence the article he posts with his own views. I think that is how they made their written section, by finding volunteers to do it as best as they can.

so, I still believe their intentions are good but humans will always make mistakes.
that been said, I'm guilty of not being more involved there, trying to "correct" the direction when ever it strays.

there is just couple of issues I want to tell you clearly, the United States is not based on normal logical nationalism, it's a mutation & simple nationalism as you put it (white race christian nationalism) won't save it. don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to embrace the multiculturalism their local affiliates asked you to, that won't help either.the US invented/supported the modern multiculturalism & it will end by it. it may sound harsh coming from me but that is how I always saw it, America wanted the whole world to be an exact replica of it, especially its multicultural "experiment" in order to have control, being the founder of the new "weak" civilization. I told Ensesbe once that it would be the end of America, not the foreign enemies, they only come near the end.

there might be attempts to save your race, but it will never end in restoring the same US, maybe a another kind of country with different boundaries & such. but it's a long way til that happen. [link]

the other thing is, you do the exact same thing fundamentalists here do, connecting race & religion (nationality & religion here) in order to exclude certain people from the nationality. the two things are not connected, maybe related but not strictly connected. Egyptian Christians are of same blood of Egyptian Muslims & their different faith doesn't decrease their loyalty to their nation. same thing is for "native" European & American Muslims, who shouldn't be sided with foreigner Muslims (although they tend to because of their misunderstanding of the faith & society alienating them). in a perfect world they are not different & should be not labeled by religion UNLESS they don't get their religion correctly & start "betraying" their homeland, that is not what Islam is about, or Christianity or even Paganism.

the perfect example is David Myatt, him converting to Islam is not a problem with me, but when he betrayed his land (favoring foreigner enemies) then he is a traitor, just like who commits betrayal for money or ideology.
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