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May 10, 2012
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I always hated my birthday but this one is extra special.

on next Friday the 11th of May I'll be sent away (hey, that rhymes!).

I'll start my first paid job (no, I wasn't unemployed til now, I just finished my mandatory post-graduation training course which was a complete waste of time just like the university itself).

I'll be posted to Southern Sinai & just like always, the Egyptian proverb "a good thing is never complete" applies to me. the place is great considering the situation the country is in BUT it had to be in the 60km gap of communication, no cell phone coverage or internet access. only a hard line which can't be upgraded to use DSL & takes half an hour just to open internet using a dial-up modem.

there is "unofficial" system of working schedule there, 15 days in Sinai & 15 days at home, but being new to the place I'll be given a month at work in the first run.

if God gives me more time down here this should go on til my mandatory reserve army service by next January when I'll be enlisted for 3 years as a reserve army lieutenant & it goes without saying, almost all communications will be lost by then.

anyway, I'm glad for the good times I spent here on dA, caused some havoc, spread some ideas & met some people who I consider to be my closest REAL LIFE friends.

thank you all for your kind birthday wishes, I know it's sincere & I'm for ever grateful.



PS: don't ask what sort of job I do because I wont answer, but I assure you it's dull boring stressful job, I hate it & I'll be doing it for the rest of my life.
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DerFuhrerSparky May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good luck, Hashem.
SSX12345 May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah! I love it!
datface May 11, 2012
Happy birthday! Hope you do well in your labour, and hope your mind doesn't rot from the boredom and stress. Strength to your arm!
Hashem, i wish you the best in working in Sinai, and i wish that you get the bestest of benefits. (money and experience) Thank you for sharing our love of tanks, and sharing the fact that we wish to see our countries exalted.
:) thank you very much, it's been a pleasure.
Damn that sounds just stupid ._.
hope you'll survive then o.o
well, no matter what, I'll figure a way to communicate with you guys.
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